Hospitality insurance served with a smile at Corkill

As a restaurant or tavern owner, you put your diners and guests as your top priority. You cater to them and go above and beyond your job to make sure they have a positive experience. Corkill Insurance feels the same way about service with you when it comes to choosing the right hospitality insurance for your business.

For over 17 years, our team of hospitality insurance experts has been helping bars and restaurants match the right insurance plans to their needs. We know that your P&L insurance is just a line item to you (one that you’d like to keep down at that), so we simply take care of it for you. We make sure your bar or restaurant is covered, that you’re protected and that it’s not something you have to worry about or take care of until we bring it up to you.

Insurance products for bars and restaurants

Your hospitality team at Corkill will shop our network of top-rated insurance carriers to find the best products that fit your business. This includes:

Why Corkill is the right choice for hospitalities

Corkill knows that your day doesn’t until at 5:00 every night. It’s often 9:30 or later that you’re finally sitting at your desk able to deal with issues that happened. Corkill is there to take that call then or whenever you need to talk with us. We also know what underwriters are looking for. So we ask the right questions on our very first meeting – and get it right the first time. Corkill is also active in various neighborhood associations/districts in the Chicago area – making sure we’re available as a partner, confidant, trusted resource and friend in making your business a success.


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