Country Clubs

Corkill tees up with the best in country club insurance

You have to keep things looking pristine when you’re running a golf or country club. But sometimes accidents or acts of nature happen, and you need to make sure your insurance plan has your back. At Corkill Insurance, we have a team of experts with over 17 years of experience working with golf and country clubs. We understand the everyday risks your face, the expenses and daily management challenges. And we know what coverage you need. That’s important because every club Corkill has gone into, we’ve found gaps in coverage – critical gaps that could really make a financial impact on your business should something happened.

With Corkill, we go out of our way to ensure gaps in coverage don’t happen. We know that every club is different. So, we make sure you’re protected by learning your club or business inside and out. We ask the right questions, get to know your current practices and where you want to go in business, and get all the supplemental apps you need filled out (taking care of the paperwork for you!). We also keep that door of communication open – constantly checking in to see how things are going and if changes need to be made to your coverage.  Kind of nice knowing Corkill will take care of you as well as you take care of your members, isn’t it?

Insurance products for country clubs

Whether your golf or country club is small and exclusive or big and open to everyone, Corkill can help you determine the right amount of coverage and insurance products for your golf our country club’s needs. And we don’t just write policies in Illinois. We cover the entire Continental U.S. We offer the following products:

Why Corkill is the right choice for country clubs

Corkill has been a trusted advisor for club managers for over 17 years. We are members of the Club Accountants Association of America, the Club Manager Association of American and Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), and have been asked to speak at both national and regional HFTP events to talk about country club coverage. Industry leaders across the board see Corkill as experts in the field – especially when it comes to the right insurance for country clubs. But we’re not just all talk. We’ll go to work for you, too.

Corkill scours our network of top-rated carriers to pick which carrier is the best fit for you on a particular insurance product. We also help you develop a service plan for loss control, always acts as your advocate in claim, and continually review your coverage to make sure no changes need to be made as you grow and change. 


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