Safety Consulting

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Your business’ success depends on the wellbeing of your workforce. That means promoting and maintaining a safe workforce is not only required by law in most cases, “safety matters” also makes sense for your bottom line. According to the National Safety Council, studies show for every $1 that an employer invests in safety, a $3 to $6 return on investment is realized. That’s a pretty big return and a big reason you should look at making sure your work environment meets safety standards today.

How does Corkill Insurance make sure your workforce is safe?

The first thing Corkill’s safety consulting team will do for your business is to conduct a safety audit. This lets us see areas that you are currently doing things well in as well as areas that have room for improvement. Our goal is to make your workplace safe, not just OSHA compliant.

What does Corkill do if there is an accident?

With the help of your team, Corkill will assist you in conducting a complete accident incident investigation. This helps us identify the cause of the accident and put a detailed plan in place to keep it from happening again.

Does Corkill offer safety training?

We’ll help you identify the specific safety training your company needs and schedule training that fulfills all OSHA requirements. We provide safety training on the following topics:

Safety Consulting

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