Protect your earnings with disability insurance

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you’re faced with a serious injury or illness that leaves you unable to work. It might be temporary. It could be permanent. Either way, your finances will take a hit if you’re not prepared. If this were to happen to you, how long could you cover your expenses before funds started to run out?  Weeks? Months? Maybe longer? Corkill Insurance can help with that. 

Disability insurance goes to work when you can’t

Savings accounts are an option if you have enough saved. Collecting social security benefits for a disability may be an option, too. But if you need a guarantee money will still be coming in should you become disabled for a short- or long-term period, you need disability insurance. Disability insurance goes to work when you can’t by replacing a portion of your income and help you continue to pay important bills and cover daily expenses.

How disability insurance payments work

After your disability is approved, you will receive a monthly check paid directly to you. You choose the length of time you must be disabled before you start receiving benefits as well as how long you receive them. Monthly payments can range from $500 to $20,000 depending on your income and occupation. Additional coverages are also available with this policy.

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