Risk Management

Corkill negotiates better employee benefits rates with risk management

Every business – no matter how profitable – looks for ways to reduce risk and cut costs. A great way to do that is with your Employee Benefits and risk management programs. Corkill Insurance helps you get there. Using carefully selected reporting and benchmarking tools, we identify national and regional trends in coverage, rates and industry-specific issues and use that information to negotiate the best programs and rates on your behalf.  

Long-term strategies make an even bigger impact

Corkill is also a leader in helping businesses develop long-term strategies for their Employee Benefits programs. Gone are the days when a corporate organization looks one year ahead to make a decision about Employee Benefits. The annual costs of these programs just don’t allow for it. Corkill believes long-term, strategic planning is the way to go.

Corkill starts by looking at your current program (including the mix of plans) and how it has been working for the employees and the company. Then we assess if your current and future goals are being met for all involved. Many companies make benefits decisions that are the best choice for the here and now, but what we often see happen is that those short-term decisions can cause long-term consequences and you’d be better off to avoid it. So instead of looking one year ahead, Corkill puts together a one-, three- and five-year plan that assures your success in both the short- and long-term. The further we can see forward, the more prepared we are for today and tomorrow.

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