Protect the physical aspects of your business with property insurance

Property insurance is a must for businesses – especially if you’re in the service or retail business and have a physical location. The great thing about this insurance is that it covers more than your business’ physical structure. It also protects your business income and business personal property. That makes it a powerful policy to have in your corner should something happen.

The many uses of property insurance

To help you really see the value of property insurance, Corkill Insurance has outlined some of the most common situations in which our businesses have used property insurance.

How coverage limits of property insurance are figured

As with all commercial insurance, the amount of property insurance you’ll need is specific to your business. This is where the Corkill Insurance difference comes in. From our first meeting, Corkill will ask the right questions to get a good understanding of your business and overall business goals. We’ll assess how much inventory your business will carry throughout the year, the amount of equipment you have that needs to be covered and other business property factors to help figure your appropriate level of coverage needed.    

Property insurance add-ons to consider

Another great way Corkill Insurance can tailor your insurance plan to your business is by adding on policy enhancements that help cover where a standard policy falls short. Some of the additional options you can add on include employee dishonesty coverage (protects from losses caused by an employee stealing money or property from your business), equipment breakdown coverage and coverage for outdoor signs.

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