Business FAQs

Corkill answers all your business insurance questions

Choosing an insurance partner is not a task you should take lightly. That’s why Corkill Insurance wants to make sure we answer all your questions as you make your decision. Here’s a list of questions our commercial clients have asked us already, but we always welcome more over the phone, email or even a cup of coffee.

What make Corkill Insurance different?

You can find the same insurance policies Corkill offers almost anywhere. What you won’t find is Corkill’s elite team of specialists. Our knowledge of the insurance industry is unmatched in today’s market. But what gives us our biggest edge is how intensely we learn each and every client’s businesses. We immerse ourselves in your industry – becoming part of associations and studying news and legislation that effects your business. We make it a point to understand the specific nuances of your business so we ask the right questions and find any holes in coverage. And we’re constantly touching base with you to see how we can better meet your needs. 

Will I get a better premium price by going with an independent insurance agency?

What’s nice about using an independent agency for your insurance is that Corkill can shop the market and match you with a policy that really meets what you’re needing. Corkill represents top-rated insurance companies that we shop and compare to get you the best price, coverage and service. Does that mean we’re the cheapest? Not always. Does it mean you’ll get the most value for the insurance you need? Absolutely.

How does Corkill help with claims?

Corkill makes filing a business insurance claim easy. First, call us. We want to know what happened, walk you through the process and find out how we can help.  Second, contact your insurance carrier’s 24-hour claims service. Once your claim is filed, we’ll stay on top of it for you. We’ll follow up with your carrier to make sure you claim is being processed and get it resolved as quickly as possible.  Plus, if there is ever an issue with your claim… we stand behind you and fight for the coverage you deserve.                                                                                 

How often will I need to meet with Corkill to review my insurance?

Corkill meets with many of our clients on a quarterly basis, but you’ll likely hear from us more often than that so we can stay up-to-date on your business.  We’ll also sit down with you at least once a year to go over your current and future business goals and make any needed adjustments to your insurance.

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